"Her work is original and alive, strongly rooted in the real (the actual as opposed to the purely poetic or theatricalized) world, and at the same time fueled by an ethical or philosophical inquiry into the nature of personal relationships in our materialistic power-based society. Her grappling with the place of women in relation to each other and in their romantic and professional aspirations takes some of the thematic material of predecessors--Wasserstein and Lanford Wilson and Susan Glaspel--yet brings a new playfulness, a respect for linear storytelling side by side with a cold-eyed assessment of the detrimental aspects of competitive thinking in the social fabric. I place her high in my young pantheon of American playwrights."
- Craig Lucas, Tony Nominated Playwright  


"She writes plays of unusual sophistication and remarkable originality. They also possess immense emotional power, underscored by a quick and charming sense of humor." 
- Mark Strand, Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet, US Poet Laureate Emeritus


"Her plays are highly entertaining, deliciously so, but open up to reveal our common vulnerability and humanity.  She often charts the journeys of a young woman with the deck stacked against her in an urban world, whose antics at outsmarting the oppression of social norms more often than not propel her out of the frying pan and into the fire. But character transformation often comes from the moment of landing in that metaphorical social fire. Lila writes honestly and with conviction, she skewers the hypocrisy of our media and status driven culture with insightful observation of human behavior. She’s a kind of postmodern Wendy Wasserstein."
- Kelly Stuart, Columbia University School of the Arts